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Navoday Graminvikas Sanstha
is (non-Government Organization) set up in 2018 by the team of the Farmers,
Retired Serviceman, & Agri. Engineer to fight against drought, Sustainable development
in Agricultural and Moto behind the formation is to doubling the income of
Farmers in rural Maharashtra. Water scarcity is largely a man-made condition, and
we believe that only Farmers efforts can solve the crisis. Navoday Foundation
aims to harness the power of communication to mobilize, motivate and train
people in this mission to eradicate drought condition and stop attempting
suicide because of less yield & loan waver and providing good quality education
to their children so that new generation can see the change-support in an
enthusiastic way. We offering training to keep motivate Farmer to adopting the
organic farming culture instead of Chemical. Navoday Foundation

is now working in roughly in
Akola, Khamgaon, Akot, Washim, Pune, Buldhana looking toto

joint hand with many organizations in Maharashtra Our flagship project
are Tree Plantation, secure health of farmer, Education at affordable cost,
stop suicide, Watershed development.

We work on

Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment
Tree Plantation
Tree Plantation
Help in COVID-19 Situation
Help in COVID-19 Situation
Organic Agriculture
Organic Agriculture
Fish Farming
Fish Farming
Watersheild Development
Watersheild Development


Journey of Navoday Foundation Since 2018

  • 75+ Farmers children got good quality pre-primary education at their door step in 4 villages and 2 cities in Maharashtra.
  • Navoday Foundation has been developing membership in 4 states of India.
  • In the 4 villages of Vidharbha Navoday has working for women and child development.
  • “Goat Bank’’ promoted by Navoday Foundation has benefited 250+ families in Sangavi Mohadi Village & rest of Vidharbha.
  • Navoday Foundation affiliated 6 combine Farming group, 16 SHG group, and Famers producer’s organization in the name of Shetidhan FPO Ltd.
  • In green Vidharbha Mission Navoday had done 2000+ tree sapling joint hand with forest department.
  • 23+ eye operation done supported by Navoday foundation & rotary club Akola.
  • The fist initiated Goat Bank concept in India has got patent and successfully complete CBP plan in Sangavi Mohadi village in Vidharbha Region.
  • 65+ famers have been visited to Fish Farm and get satisfied with new source of INCOME.
  • Aim to start New Dairy Project in every Village to doubling the income of farmers.
  • Watershed development, Improvising nature of primary schooling.

In Shikhrapur, Pune have been conducted 4000 Hect. Survey Done for Watershed development.



Shree Manohar Rao Dahake


Navoday foundation working on the farmers issues, to empowering give sustainable growth to their produces






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