Step for Educating Farmers Children

Need for quality pre-primary and Primary Education​

Navoday and Graminvikas Sanstha experience in the education sector shows that the first step towards universal primary education lies in universal pre-school education. This plays a pivotal role in laying a strong foundation for a child’s intellectual, physical, and social development.

Learning reading, writing, and other basic learning skills during primary education is essential for a child’s success in higher education and ensures a reduction in drop-out rates. In Vidharbha region most of the families rely on farming and worker it won’t possible them to send their children to city level for quality education and economical way migration is not possible them to settle in metro city Navoday & other joint hand taken step to provide all the quality education to their door step and we successfully completed its two year in Ugwa village, Akola, Maharashtra.

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Navoday is an indigenous NGO based in Akola District in Maharashtra, India(Vidharbha Region). It was formed in 2018 by 8 peoples group of social workers and is comprised of an energetic group of recently qualified.